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Tawhai Falls

Visit Gollums Pool

Time: 20 mins return

Grade: Easy

Start: State Highway 48, drive 2.4km, and the falls car park is on the left. Look for signs on SH 48 before the Chateau Resort. Check Google Maps Directions

Famous for staring in the Lord of the Rings as Gollums Pool. This easy track leaves the carpark and goes down to the pools. It should only take you about 10 minutes to walk to the lookout platform.

Very pleased with the friendly service! We picked up the car from Auckland City and dropped the car off at the airport prior departing for Oz. When we dropped the car off we were asked if we filled the car up with petrol, which we didn't. The very friendly lady drove us to the petrol station so we could fill up and then dropped us off to the airport!!!! Nice touch!

Tony MacDonald
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