Ezi winter road trip checklist

Ezi winter road trip checklist

A winter ski holiday in New Zealand offers world-class ski slopes and facilities, spectacular scenery, varied terrain for all ability levels and endless fun for everyone. We want to ensure that you have an ezi and unforgettable winter adventure so we have created a quick list of the essential things you need to enjoy your trip. 

The important things to remember

oragreyDrivers licence

All drivers of our vehicles are required to have a current full driver licence at all times. If your licence is not in English, you must carry an official English translation or International Driver Permit (IDP) together with your original licence. You can read more on law requirements in NZ here.

oragreyCredit or debit card

A valid credit card or visa debit card is needed to hire with us as a bond is required on all hires. We will need to take an imprint of your card details at the time of pick up for the bond security. The applicable excess amount for your hire will be held as an authorisation on your card as security, and released at the end of your hire. We do not accept cash for the bond.

oragreyCheck your flights

Don’t forget to check your flights details again to make sure the time difference is taken into account in the arrival time you provided us at time of booking. We would appreciate if you could advise us of any arrival time change as soon as you possibly can.

oragreyCheck your travel insurance information

Don’t forget to check you have travel insurance. In most cases your travels go without a hitch but you never know what could go wrong and sometimes the risk just isn’t worth it!

oragreyCheck your driving distances

New Zealand is a small country, but driving times can often take longer than expected due to our winding roads. We recommend you use this driving Time and Distance Calculator to get an accurate idea of driving times to plan your trip.

oragreyDrive to the conditions

While on your winter road trip, you are likely to cover some impressive New Zealand terrain and pass through amazing scenery, but some roads can also be a little dangerous at times and in these wintery weather conditions. Black ice is a common occurrence and it is very difficult to see during winter nights, so drive carefully. Look out for shiny or wet patches. Sudden braking and direction changes should also be avoided to ensure safety.

oragreySnow chains and ski racks

To ensure you have a safe and unforgettable ski trip in New Zealand, hire snow chains for just $5 per day (up to a maximum of $40 per hire) from our Christchurch and Queenstown branches. We’ve also got ski racks for $40 per hire to help transport all of the gear you’ll need for the mountain. To book your snow accessories simply click to find your car and pick the additional options that you require. We recommend you request these additional items at the time of your reservation as these do get booked up quickly!

Not sure how to put snow chains on? Find out here.

Other ezi essentials:

oragreyClothing and ski gear: thermals, waterproofs, gloves and neck warmer, goggles, helmet, beanie and gloves etc. Merino glove inners are also very useful if you are going to be taking lots of photos or any video footage.

oragreyHand & Toe Warmers: these little pouches are full of magic beans which we think are lifesavers out on the slopes.

oragreySunscreen and lip balm: the sun really can be lethal out on the slopes so take care!

oragreyCamera: on a road trip in New Zealand you will have a million photo opportunities and beautiful scenery urging you to pull over and take a photo. Remember, it is important to pull over at the right spot. Do not stop on bends where other drivers might not be able to see you and be careful where you are standing to take your photo – steer clear of the road and cliff edges!

oragreyDeck of cards: this is always a road trip essential – you never know when you might need to fill in a few hours.

oragreyFirst aid kit and safety equipment

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