Discover New Zealand by car with Ezi. Venture into the spectacular glaciers, beaches, rivers and lakes of this beautiful country.

Experience your trip smoothly by packing the essentials. Don’t waste any more time than you need to while you’re here. Be prepared with our Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip Kit. 

  1. Road trip playlist – there’s nothing better than romanticising your journey with some background bangers. Pull up to Lake Tekapo or Mount Maunganui with the tunes, and you’ll find yourself feeling like the main character in a movie. 
  2. Portable phone charger + USB cord – you don’t want your music to cut out before you belt the chorus… Most modern cars will have bluetooth features to connect your devices, however in the occasion yours doesn’t, a USB cord to plug your phone into should do the trick. 
  3. First aid kit – don’t get caught in an uncomfortable situation because you forgot to pack band-aids or insect repellent. They don’t take up much room either!  
  4. Water – in the warm or cold climate, water is still important for hydration. Before you set out on your long drive, stop by the closest FourSquare, New World or Pack n’ Save to pick up a big bottle for each of you. 
  5. Sunglasses – long drives call for comfort, especially with the harsh New Zealand sun. In winter, the sun is very low and can often be directly in your eyes as you drive. Be smart and wear those sunnies to prevent any driving accidents. 
  6. Sunscreen – if not the most important thing on list, sunscreen/sun lotion/sun block is vital for the weather down under. New Zealand sunlight can have high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which makes it dangerous for your skin and eyes. 
  7. Hand sanitiser – if you make a stop at a public restroom along your journey, you can’t always rely on it having hand soap. Bring your own hand sanitiser as your backup option to prevent getting ill or picking up any nasty bugs on your holiday. 
  8. Reusable grocery bags – with a ban on plastic bags in New Zealand, it’s helpful to have a bag ready to carry all of your shopping. The supermarkets do sell paper bags but it’s free to pack your own. 
  9. Snacks – pretend you’re at the movie theatre and have something to munch on, while you drive past the scenic landscapes of New Zealand. Try some classic Kiwi snacks and make it a fun game! 
  10. Paper map – not everywhere in New Zealand has glorious cellphone reception. Avoid getting lost by bringing a paper map with you. While there are road directory signs, they’re sometimes spaced far apart. 

Enjoy your holiday, check off your bucket list and experience New Zealand the smart way. Got space to bring more? Some more obvious items can include; money, warm weather gear, camera, a good book, games, and a travel pillow. 

Everyone just wants a stress-free holiday, equip yourself and your travellers properly to get the most out of your time here. There’s so much to discover out your car window, so don’t miss out.