hot deals with ezi car rental

We’ve got these great deals on offer for a limited time, so book now and save!

You can book online using the promotional code noted each deal below, or give one of our friendly team a call and they can help you to book the right rental car and get the best rates.

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Get 10% off the daily rate

Get 10% off the daily rate with the promotional code: MAY17

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Special Daily Deals in May

Everyday, we check our direct competition and change our prices as often as we need to. Our aim is to offer fantastic cars, friendly service and great value.

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Supergold member discount

Are you a Supergold card member? If yes, enjoy 10% off our daily car rental rates at all times. Simply quote the promo code SUPERG when making a booking.

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One way deals!

Travelling one way? We’ve got the best relocation deals you can find starting from $1 per day.

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