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Coverage options

Fully comprehensive third-party and public liability cover is included in your car rental rate with Ezi Car Rental.

To help make your journey easier and for peace of mind, we’ve included basic protection with every Ezi Car Rental booking you make.  This basic protection package covers you for any damage to or loss of the vehicle during your rental with an excess payable at the conclusion of your rental.

For increased protection, Ezi offers two additional levels of cover:

  • Ezi Plus 
    Our Ezi Plus package reduces your excess payable for the loss, theft or any damage that happens to the vehicle.

  • Ezi Premium
    Our Ezi Premium package reduces your excess to $0, meaning that there will be no charges for any damage to the vehicle, tyre or glass damage and waives any liability for theft or loss of the vehicle.



Covers & insurance quick tips

  • Compulsory cover

    In New Zealand there is no such thing as compulsory cover (even third party) so you can lose money as a result of someone else’s poor driving.

  • Personal loss and injury

    We do not offer insurance for personal loss, ie. theft of personal items or personal injury. In New Zealand treatment for personal injury is covered by the Government’s Accident Compensation scheme.

  • Glass Cover

    Glass damage including stone chips is already included in our Ezi Premium cover option.

  • Minimum age required

    Driver must be over 20 to book a car with us. Please remember that all drivers must have a current full driver licence at all times. If your licence is not in English, you must carry an official English translation or International Driver Permit (IDP) together with your original licence. 

Frequently asked questions about covers & insurance

  • If I have travel insurance, do I need to purchase the additional cover?

    If you have already purchased your own travel insurance covering rental car hire, we recommend that you check your travel insurance policy carefully.

    Some insurers require you to take the excess reduction (“Reduced liability” above) and some policies may not cover you if you drive your rental car on unsealed roads.

    In the event of damage to your rental car we will charge your credit card with the applicable excess for your hire, and you would then need to lodge a claim with your travel insurer to claim the excess back on your return home.

    The same applies if you have purchased travel insurance from your travel agent.

    The applicable excess on your hire with us will be charged, and you would need to claim this charge back from your agent’s travel insurance provider on your return home.

  • Are there any cover exclusions?

    Yes there are times when you won’t be covered by our insurance. They include:

    • When you drive your rental car on Ball Hut Road (Mount Cook), Skipper Road (Queenstown), 90 Mile Beach (Northland) and State Highway 38 Lake Waikaremoana, or any other ‘off-road’ driving. These roads are not part of normal touring routes.
    • Any off-road driving on beaches or off public roads.
    • Damaging the rental car purposely.
    • Driving recklessly, while intoxicated or in a rally or other competition.
    • Allowing unauthorised drivers to use the rental car.
    • Driving beyond the agreed return time.

    If you choose to tow any item using the Toyota Hilux with towbar, please note in case of an incident/accident, you are liable for any damage occurring to your trailer and load.

    This information should be used as a guide only. You will be required to sign a car rental agreement when you collect your rental vehicle.

  • What are your standard cover excess levels?

    Insurance excess applies with standard cover as follows.

    Reduced Excess Levels with Ezi Plus

    • Toyota Yaris*, Toyota Corolla Hatch and Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid* – NZ$400 excess
    • Toyota RAV4 2WD*, Toyota RAV4 AWD*, Mitsubishi ASX, Mitsubishi Outlander 2WD* – NZ$450 excess
    • Toyota Highlander*, Mitsubishi Triton, Mitsubishi Outlander AWD, Ford Tourneo Toyota Hiace Minivan* and Toyota Hiace Cargo Van*  – NZ$500 excess

    Full Excess Levels with Ezi Basic

    • Toyota Yaris*, Toyota Corolla Hatch and Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid * – NZ$3,000 excess
    • Toyota RAV4 2WD, Toyota RAV4 AWD* Mitsubishi ASX, Mitsubishi Outlander 2WD* – NZ$4,000 excess
    • Toyota Highlander*, Mitsubishi Triton, Mitsubishi Outlander AWD, Ford Tourneo Toyota Hiace Minivan* and Toyota Hiace Cargo Van*  – NZ$5,000 excess

    *or vehicles in the same category

  • How much will it cost to add Ezi Plus or Ezi Premium cover to my booking?

    You can opt to waive or reduce your cover excess on your hire by purchasing our additional Ezi Plus or Ezi Premium cover with your car hire. Our Ezi Premium option includes glass cover so you will be covered in the event of a stone chip or glass damage during your hire as well as accident damage to the vehicle. Ezi Plus and Ezi Premium daily rates start from just NZ$18 per day and reduce your liability for the vehicle during the hire down to either a zero excess with Ezi Premium or a substantially reduced excess with Ezi Plus.

    Our prices are shown as additional options in all rental vehicle quotations we provide.

    You can add your preferred coverage directly when making an online booking, or contact us or even enquire at our branches when picking up your rental car.

    Click here to read our full Master Rental Agreement.

  • Do I need to have a credit or debit card?

    Yes; we will put a pre-authorisation for security for the excess amount during your hire.  This will be removed at the completion of your rental.

  • If I have purchased Ezi Premium, will you put a pre authoristion on my credit card?

    Yes, we take a NZD$400 security pre-authorisation for any incidentals during your rentals at the beginning at your rental.

  • How long will it take to have the pre-authorisation released?

    It can take up to 7 working days for your bank to operate the release. Please note this is a hold on a credit card meaning it doesn't show as a transaction on your statement. 

5 stars. We booked at Auckland airport. We got picked up literally as we stepped out of airport. Friendly staff took our info and gave us the car keys(near new Rav4). Super simple process and car was in great condition. While dropping the car back Took them 2 minutes to inspect the car and without waiting we got dropped back to airport. Great price and they don't charge anything extra like cleaning etc. I would highly recommend them.

Ricky X
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